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Nomada PRO top-case size L

185,00 €

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Nomada's prod. - designed by HOLAN


 - Welded, riveted and sealed

- Cut corners - less wind resistance and lower fuel consumption at high speeds

- The bottom forming a separate element, which also stiffens the case and structures makes it possible to mount  luggage handles

- Profi buckle made of stainless steel

- Protective-decorative corners in black


Gray mat and white color on special order

Weight : 3,92kg (ALU with black Lid) without lock
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions : 400 x 300(H) x 320mm
Capacity : 38L

  • Back Rest BMW for Top-case's
    Back Rest BMW for Top-case's

    68,00 €

    BMW brand It will make the journey or the passenger more pleasant and easier - the highest quality of workmanship (made by BMW) - very easy, quick assembly -...

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  • 4 pcs. lower strap bracket with mounting on 1 pannier
    4 pcs. lower strap bracket with...

    20,00 €

    if 1 pannier needs 4 brackets, 2 panniers need 8 brackets

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  • Carry Handle for Cases
    Carry Handle for Cases

    17,00 €

    Comfortable practical handle to move the cases, light enough that it can be carry on the case (always handy) - Belts with adjustable length, so the handle will be...

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  • NOMADA-belt

    7,50 €

    Wide luggage belt (40mm) to tie large items such as tents, bags on the cases or on the rack - strong, quick-clamp buckle - Lenght: 150, 200 or 250 cm -...

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  •  inner bag NOMADA for top-case
    inner bag NOMADA for top-case

    40,00 €

    - Strong and durable - made of black Cordura - broad stripes with a yellow inscription on the handle: - printed NOMADA logo on the side of the bag...

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  •  holder + canister 2L - set
    holder + canister 2L - set

    31,00 €

    Sturdy stainless steel holder for our 2 litre canister including 2 expanding straps and fixing material. With this holder you can fix the canister firmly, for example...

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  • Bottle holder
    Bottle holder

    24,00 €

    HOLAN's prod. - Mounted on the case - The standard bottle of 0.5 or 0.7 liters - You can carry for example oil for the engine and drink - Included: straps with...

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