Rhombus S Dark - front / rear Indicator

Motorcycle's side

An edge in disguise

The Rhombus series is extended and now presents itself in a particular compact version! The drastic reduction in size allows for completely new design standards on the motorcycle: when not in use its miniature format and the characteristic tinted glass take undercover to the next level. In action however the high performance LEDs provide a spectacularly bright light, which Kellermann indicators are now for! The well-known Kellermann HighPower LED Technology** and the new EXtranz®- Extreme Optical Transparency Technology enable an optimized light channeling. As the complete electronics of the Rhombus S Dark are in the casing, this indicator can be plugged into the 12 volt net directly.*Combined at front and back the offer a perfect look. Suitable for all motorcycle models.*

* Electronical accessories may be required to match indicators signal frequency.

** Combination out of the IC operated Longlife Protection Guard® system with high-performance-LEDs latest type of construction.

ECE-tested for rear

Strongly tinted glass – spectacularly bright

Kellermann HighPower LED Technology

Longlife Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz

High quality metal housing  - color: black

Suitable for 12 volt DC applications

Length (without thread/fastening): 35 mm

Height: 11,5 mm

Wide: 11,5 mm

With M5 x 0,5 x 6,5 mm thread

European design protection


Please note the extensive electronic equipment

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