LIGHT BOMB LED Headlight R nineT

W 30478-000

BI-LED headlights for the BMW Heritage model series. A true advance with regards to safety and comfort, which with its matte black look and striking light elements also looks great.

The 7” BI-LED headlight set convinces with its economical LED position lights and fibre optics technology and creates a very light, homogeneous and white light. In this headlight set, the high beams can be “switched off” to “low beams.” Thus, even with low beam driving there is a strong illumination. 

Fast and simple assembly in the standard headlight ring and a prepared cable tree are just as common as a life span of at least 30,000 hours in the LED's used

The headlight set has an ECE designation and it thus does not require registration.

Most important product qualities:

  • light and uniform light
  • Newest BI-LED technology
  • Perfect street illumination
  • Easy assembly
  • At least 30,000 hours of life span of the LED’s
  • No registration necessary (ECE)
  • Original manufacturer quality
  • Passive and active increase in safety

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