Top-case Nomada PRO size M

Pannier (panniers) color
type of buckle

The design of this case was made at the request of our friend  - an experienced traveler.

It is a tribute to the real globtoters who are planning long trips and are forced to carry a second set of tires.

Case's dimensions give an opportunity of overthrusting 17 "tires and the height permits stable attachment of two tires (17+19" , 17+21" or 18+21").

Tires in one part based on the passenger seat and the case itself is adapted for mounting three additional lower brackets

that facilitate stable tyres attachment to the other 3 sides.

- most of the "open face" helmets fit inside the case

- Welded, riveted and sealed

- Cut corners - new design

- The bottom forming a separate element, which also stiffens the case and structures makes it possible to mount  luggage handles

- Profi buckle made of stainless steel

- Protective-decorative corners in black

Dimensions and Capacity:

- size M: 320 x 255(H) x 320mm - 26 litres

- weight - 3.15 kg (ALU with a standard buckle)

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