Crash bar Bags to H-D PAN AMERICA (Set of 2)


The Crash bars are designed to protect the motorcycle components from damage due to passing through narrow paths, and in the case of a tip-over.
From our point of view they are also opportunity to place some extra luggage on your motorcycle.
Imagine that you are going off-road and you need to have an extra pair of gloves, rain clothes, extra goggles, etc.
Use of our Crash Bars bags will give you :
- quick and convenient access with gloves
- perfect fit - for filling in the empty space in motorcycle crash bars.
- additional protection for a motorcycle and bars 
- anti-splash lock 
- mud resistant
- easy access without getting off the motorcycle
- rigid structure 
- holds the shape even when empty 
- Safer maneuvering through city traffic.
In case of un unfortunate tip-over the Crash Bars bags will also act as an extra cushion protecting you and your motorcycle.

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