R nineT Regular/Pure centre stand - black

W 32423-002

Not combinable with BMW low exhaust bracket and Solo conversion without passenger seat holder/strut.

The centre stand is the most important option for a motorcycle, but one that for some unknown reason isn't part of the standard series fittings. Since only a centre or centre stand offers real stability, we have designed our retrofittable centre stands to be stable and user-friendly (ideal leverage on the cantilever for easy jacking-up of the bike). Essential for maintenance work (oil changes, oil level checks), care and most importantly for easy loading of the bike. Simple installation, delivery includes all assembly parts.

The facts:


  • Optimum stability under any load 
  • Perfect leverage for easy jacking 
  • Original attachment points for easy mounting and high stability 
  •  Robust stop 
  • Double-spring assembly for maximum security 
  • Thick-walled and powder coated steel tubing 
  • Includes all assembly parts
  • Includes special tool for tightening springs
  • Easy assembly

Technical data

  • Material: Steel tube, thick-walled, black powder-coated steel tube 
  • Cleanly welded in a welding mould with a high-quality finish
  • Double spring assembly


  • Wunderlich product. Small batches. Made by hand.
  • German Type approval in preparation
  • 5 year warranty 
  • Made in Germany 

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