Pannier system for Tiger 1200 with Nomada PRO panniers

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The great advantage of this system is the cut for the exhaust.
This system is more than 10 cm narrowed than the system without the cut.

By replacing the original panel under the seat with the narrower one made of aluminum (or stainless steel) we were able to save few extra centimeters on the width of the bike -now the set with the biggest panniers Nomada PRO 45l is only 953mm wide.

You can choose the set with 3x31L, 2x 38L or 2x 45L Nomada PRO panniers

2 pannier rack options:

-powder coated in black
-in stainless steel

Set contains:

-left pannier Nomada PRO 31L, 38L or 45L
-right pannier Nomada PRO 31L, 38L or 45L with cut
-pannier rack with mounting kit
-mounting kit for 2 panniers

each Nomada PRO System has already installed mounting kits on the panniers. You do not have do drill holes on the panniers

Note: Locks are not included in the price of the set.

More about Nomada PRO II panniers shown on the picture here


with the panniers:Nomada PRO 2x31L - only 793mm !!Nomada PRO 2x38L - only 873mm !!Nomada PRO 2x45L - only 953mm !! (on the pictures)

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