PRO pannier system for Suzuki DL650 2012+ with Nomada EXPEDITION panniers

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The great advantage of this system is the exhaust cut which makes it 10 cm narrower than the traditional.

You can choose the set with 2x30L or 2x37L or 2x44L Nomada EXPEDITION panniers

Set contains:

-left case Nomada EXPEDITION 30L, 37L or 44L 
-right case Nomada EXPEDITION 30L, 37L or 44L with cut
-pannier rack with mounting kit
-mounting kit for 2 cases

each Nomada PRO System has already installed mounting kits on the panniers. You do not have do drill holes on the panniers

Note: Locks and EXP-boxes are not included in the price of the set.

More about Nomada EXPEDITION panniers shown on the picture here


width of the set:

2 x 31L - only 82cm (World record ;)

2 x 38L - only 90cm

2 x 45L - 98cm (a set of 45L panniers will still fit within the handlebar width!)

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