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Nomada PRO panniers

205,00 €

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NOMADA brand

Characteristic features of Nomada PRO II panniers:

Modified buckles - new types od buckles which serves as a hinge and has better anti-theft protection in relation to the buckles used in the Nomada PRO panniers

- made of high-quality 2mm aluminum plate- the current standard for ensuring the best compromise between weight and high rigidity of the structure

- welded, riveted and double-sealed (Nomada PRO panniers are waterproof)

- modern design: cut corners - smaller resistances of air and the lower fuel consumption at high speeds

- body with the 8 bending lines (high rigidity) and the upper inner eversion (strengthen the construction of the pannier under the lid - pannier keep the geometry after the fall)

- bottom as a separate element which additionally stiffens the structures of the panniers and makes it possible to mount the handles  - (at the junction of the body with the bottom is 4mm thickness wall)

- 2 professional buckles made of stainless steel (facilitated open if you have a top-case or bag)

- 4 luggage handles on the lid + optional 4 handles on the sides for carrying heavier items such as additional fuel containers or water

- protective corners in the black color



31L - 440x380x200mm

38L - 440x380x240mm

45L - 440x380x280mm



31L ALU -

31L painted (black, gray or white) - 4,00 kg

31L Alu with black lid -


38L ALU - 4,22 kg

38L painted (black, gray or white) - 4,28 kg

38L Alu with black lid - 4,26 kg


45L ALU -

45L painted (black, gray or white) - 

45L Alu with black lid -


Material: - Aluminium EN AW-5754 high resistance to corrosion in marine
conditions, marine water and industrial atmosphere. It has high fatigue

- The best grade of stainless steel - AISI 1.4301