We strive to manufacture motorcycle adventure panniers with the best price- weight – quality ratio on the market.

Our panniers are characterized by:

  1. Modern design with cut corners (better aerodynamics, lowe fuel consumption)
  2. 100% waterproof
  3. Made of high quality aluminium EN AW-5754, thickness2mm (best weight - durability ratio)
  4. High durability:
    1. Pannier body structure with 8 vertical and 2 horizontal folds. (Such construction is not common and increases the rigidness of the body of the pannier in the upper part. This guarantees that the pannier is thight even afrter receiving a hit).
    2. The bottom is a separate element. In the area where the bottom overlaps the body the thickness is 4 mm which increases rigidness and allows to mount additional, heavy accesories.
    3. The mounting kit contains 2 acid resistant sheets that enforce the pannier in the mounting area and prvent the walls of the pannier to get damaged by the rack.
    4. The panniers are welded, riveted and double sealed.
  5. Wide selection of accesories: water and fuel holders, luggage hooks
  6. The Nomada PRO panniers are equipped with 2 anti theft buckles with a hinge function. 2 buckles allow to access the panniers with a widely packed motorcycle and the hinge function provides additional usability.
  7. All the additional elements are made from high quality, acid resistant steel AISI 1.4301 and powder coated.
  8. The corner protectors are additional not integral part of the pannier. In case of damaging the protector the panniers remins tight.
  9. The lid on our panniers comes equipped with 4 luggage hooks.

;-) http://earth-roamers.blogspot.it/2014/10/nomada-cases-best-pannier-system-in.html

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