Startronic 400 portable 12 V emergency starter with super-capacitors


A reliable helper in our workshop and development - large volume models such as the R 1200 GS LC with deeply drained batteries up to 7 V are routinely and effortlessly revived again with the Startronic 400.

The Startronic 400 is a mains-independent jump start device for vehicles with 12 V on-board power system. The device is fitted with super-capacitors that use the residual voltage of the vehicles batteries for charging and can restart the vehicle motor after just a few seconds of charging. The device is totally mains-independent.

The Startronic can start 12 V vehicles (petrol & diesel) with a starting current of 300 A within 60 seconds. Two "Force Function" modes for maximum capability:

  • "Bypass" mode: start a vehicle with a deeply drained battery.
  • "Glow" mode (preheat): start a diesel engine in cold weather.

Protective functions:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Polarity reversal protection
  • Protection against deeply drained batteries


  • Batteryless technology.
  • always ready for operation even if not used for years.
  • Ready for operation even in extreme temperatures (-40°C /+65°C).
  • Extended lifecycle: the Startronic can be used up to 10,000 times with no power loss.

Rechargeable in several ways:
There are 3 ways to pre-charge the Startronic 400:

  • with a 12 V spare battery (led, gel, AGM, StartStop batteries) in 60 seconds.
  • using the cigarette lighter port (12 V/10 A) in 100 seconds.
  • using the micro USB port (5 V/2 A) in 15 minutes (cable not included in scope of delivery).

Compact construction:
The compact (400 g / 82 x 170 x 32 mm) Startronic 400 fits in the storage space of most motorcycles and cars.

The facts:

  • 300 amps at 12 V

Motorcycles and cars

Charging current:

  • Clip to 12 V battery - ready for operation in 60 seconds
  • Cigarette lighter 12 V/10 A - ready for operation in 100 seconds
  • Micro USB 5V 2A - ready for operation in 15 minutes

Dimensions & weight:

  • Dimensions (WxHxD in mm): 82 x 170 x 32
  • Weight: 0.4 kg

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