Black Top-case size S Military with mounting for QR rack

type of buckle

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The advantage of this small pannier is the possibility of putting on spare tires

- inside you can fit: a photo bag with a professional SLR camera, e.g. Canon 5 with a 24-70 lens and an additional 16-35 lens

and space for e.g. a mini thermal bag for 3 cans of Coca-Cola;)

- welded, riveted and sealed

- cut corners - modern design

- the bottom is a separate element, which additionally stiffens the structure of the pannier and enables the installation of luggage handles

- Profi buckles made of acid-resistant steel

- protective and decorative corners in black


Capacity and dimensions:

- dimensions: 320 x 200 (H) x 320 mm - capacity: 20 liters

Weight: approx.2.5 kg

Characteristic features of the Military version top-cases:

- 2 lower luggage handles for attaching a bag or duffel bag as standard

- external aluminum elements - referring to the military Molle system

- black matte / fine structure

- even the smallest size of the top-case will fit a helmet type: military helmet visible in the photo

On stock

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